Transforming flat metal sheets into custom shapes, forms, and other integrated assembly parts is a core manufacturing function. From parts of common household appliances to automobile assembly components, metal stamping forms a critical phase in the production process.

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Asia Industrial Tools provides a comprehensive range of metal stamping services. With our stamping and metal-working facilities around Asia, we are able to offer the following processes with strict quality adherence, and at prices that can only originate from Asia:

  • Robotic transfer
  • High speed
  • Single stage
  • Progressive
  • Multi-slides

Our presses can perform complementary operations such as metal coining, blanking, and slide forming, and can accommodate most common metal materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, zinc, and copper.










Asia Industrial Tools remains fully focused and committed to metal stamping processes and technology, and continues to invest in improving our capabilities and know-how in this area. This is because it not only significantly reduces production costs compared to other metal forming processes such as forging and die-casting, but more importantly, the end parts and components are also stronger and more durable compared to those produced by other metal forming processes.

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